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Founded by brothers Edward and Blaire Tanner in the summer of 1977 the group played continuously until 1989 performing over 2000 shows.  This run included concerts with THE CARS, THE SMITHEREENS, THE RAMONES, THE B-52S, THE SEX PISTOLS, CHER, THE TEMPTATIONS, EDDIE MONEY, THE NIGHTHAWKS, THE SWIMMING POOL Q’s and others.   


Averaging nearly 200 shows per year, the band played concerts, nightclubs and college dates in 14 southeastern and Atlantic Coast states.  Cruis-O-Matic's first hiatus was from '89 to '91 and the next was from '93 to '03.  In 2004 the group reformed with original members Edward and Blaire Tanner and long time member Bob Cunningham, adding Greg Crawford and Steve Bryant with whom they had played in another Altanta band.  


This incarnation of the act performed throughout Georgia and the Carolinas for 9 years from 2004 - 2013, sharing the stage with original Beatle Pete Best, The Spongetones, Daryl Rhodes and the Hahavishnu Orchestra,, Thermos Greenwood, The Swinging Medalions and more.

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