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A Partial Listing of Cruis-O-Shows 2004-13

Along with Live Unedited I-mag Video from a Smiths Old Bar Show at No Extra Charge . . . Enjoy

A partial list of Cruis-O-Matic shows from 2004 to 2013.



We sort of  lost track during the last couple of years.   A few gigs at Big Tex's including a New Year's party, a couple of Avondale Estates events at their club house, a Class Reunion in Stone Mountain Park, our final performance of 2013 was at a fall festival in the Avondale square.



July 2 ------------------Avondale Estates, Summer of Love II.  FREE SHOW at the Lake in Avondale Estates 7-10pm.

July 17 ----------------St. Simons Island. Private Party.

Sep 25 ----------------Charlotte. Festival in the Park.



June 5                   Double Door Inn, Charlotte. Best fans in the South.

February 6           Mudcatz. Great crowd. Great show.

January 16           Mudcatz. We opened for the Swinging Medallions. They must have found the Fountain of Youth.




November 6        Moonshadow, Tucker. Lovely evening.

October 24           Peachtree City Rock Fest Poolside.

September 19     A rainy but fun end of year party at Avondale Swim and Tennis.  We were a multi-generational success.

September 12     Opened for the Hahavishnu Orchestra at the nearly SOLD OUT Variety Playhouse. Awesome.

August 21            Another great night at the Double Door in Charlotte. The people there know how to have fun.

June 27                 Jack and Sharon’s Wedding. Best reception ever. A good time was had by all.

June 20                 Mudcatz, Dunwoody. Bill Keith’s 50th B-Day. Awesome.

June 6                   Best event of the year! Arts in the Park in Avondale Estates. Couldn’t have been better.

June 5                   Charlotte C.C. with BT and the gang

May 8th                Great fun at a retirement party. Our audience is graying…. But so are we.

April 18                 Heritage School “Groovin’ in the Grove”.  Leo was groovin’ at 21 notes a second.

March 21              The Depot, Tyrone. Not sure they were hip to our scene.

February 28         Twilight Bar. Always fun.

January 24            50th Birthday Party in Fayettteville. Our first gig in a log cabin.

January 10            Twilight Bar and Grill. Great crowd and the return of Mr. Wipe-Out!



December 20       Pre-Christmas fun at the Twilight

November 15       Another awesome night at the Twilight

November 9         Tavern 74, PTC is a Sunday night party for sure.

October 3              C-O-M and BBQ in PTC. Excellent.

September 20th   Charlotte Festival in the Park. Great crowd. Great fun!

August 23             The Moonshadow. Hot Summer Nights.

July 19th/20th      Two fun nights at our favorite bar. Mr. Vegas' birthday bash. 

June 28                  Eddie's Attic. Awesome night. It was the greatest crowd of all time.

June 13                 The Moonshadow.  We had a blast.

May 10                  The Moonshadow. Great time. Great bar.

May 6                    Smith's Olde Bar. 500 Songs for Kids. We rocked it.

April 26                 Twilight Bar and Grill. Another most excellent evening!

March 29              The Moonshadow, Tucker.  Good food. Fun crowds. Great rainy night to be playing.

March 22              Irish Bred.  Leo was the only Irishman that night.

February 22         Twilight Bar and Grill. It's always fun. Check us out next time we're there.

January 19            Moon Shadow, Tucker CANCELLED!! Almost freezing rain. Too scary to play.



December 29      Twilight Bar and Grill.  Better than ever. How could New Years Eve compare?

November 17      The Irish Bred Bar and Grill, Rex. Great fun.

November 10      Twilight Bar and Grill. Another great night.

October 6            The Alley Cat, Charlotte. Spongetones Tribute. 600 miles RT for one song. Well worth it!

September 22     Twilight Bar and Grill. What a great bar!

August 25            The Double Door Inn, Charlotte. Thanks to Nick and the great fans in the south's finest city!

July 07                  Twilight Bar and Grill. These people rock! All other bars are wannabe's. We even did a Beatles cover!

June 13                 Alamo Jack's. Our first inside/outdoor gig. The waterfall behind us was stunning!

May 5                   Cruiso De Mayo, Club 29.  Those are some whacked people at Club 29! A study in sociology.

February 24        The Double Door Inn, Charlotte. Another PACKED and PARTYING CROWD!!! Thanks!

January 19          Alamo Jacks was a fun start to the new year.



November 4       Great end of the year party in AE! Thanks to the Rieder's and our friends.

October 14         Club 29, Decatur. We love the marquee. Maybe a few days with a Speak-n-Spell would help.

October 7           Chilly fun in Charlotte for BT, Jenkie and friends. It was a rocking party.

September 23    Alamo Jack's. The folks from PTC rock!

September 21    Crawford Communications 25th Anniversary. Thanks for a great night.

September 16    The Double Door Inn, Charlotte. As always, too much fun. Thanks Charlotte!!

August 25-26     Mike and Angelo's. An old school throwdown in Buckhead!

August 12          Vito Goldberg's. Leo was inspired on Surfin' Bird.

July 31                Smith's Olde Bar--We opened for Pete Best. Any questions?

July 15                Double Door Inn, Charlotte. What can we say? Another great night!

July 8                  Atkins Park--Big Hippie Party. It was sweet.

May 6                  Canyons, Boone, N.C. This was a fab night. P.B. Scott's lives on!

March 17            Private Party with BT, Jenkie and friends at the club.   

March 11           Atkins Park (Smyrna) -- Another rockin' club-great crowd and bar.

February 18       Alamo Jack’s--Newnan's hottest spot!

February 11       Jake’s Toadhouse. Geezer Garage Band Weekend!!!

January 21         Double Door Inn, Charlotte----That place rocked! Sorry if you missed it.



December 16      Turner Studios Holiday Party

November 12      Milledgeville, GA –Rock in the ‘60’s Series

November 5        Doc’s Gumbo Grill, Columbia, SC

October 29          Jake’s Toadhouse w/Thermos Greenwood

October 8            Private Party, Charlotte, NC

October 1            Jake’s Toadhouse

September 17     Houck’s, Marietta, GA

August 13            Windjammer, Isle of Palm, SC

July 23                  Lenny’s, Atlanta

July 9                    Cherry Splits Happening

February 19        Double Door Inn, Charlotte



November          Amos' West End Charlotte Spongetone's 25th Anniversary

October              With The Psychics at the Chastain Community Center


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