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This site is dedicated to the memory of Cruis-O-Matic's co-founder and spiritual center, Edward "Mr. Vegas" Tanner.  

Site for the
of the Band

Edward "Mr. Vegas" Tanner –

Guitar & Vocals

Bob "Leo Sagittarius" Cunningham – Guitar & Vocals

Greg "Mr. Downtown" Crawford -Bass & Vocals

Steve "Bongo" Bryant -


Remember singing along to every song until you lost your voice? Or dancing  until your clothes were wet?
Remember not remembering?
CRUIS-O-MATIC is delivering an even better version of that fast-paced, "Man I love that song!" energy that they were so famous for.
                     -- Eddie's Attic 

“Cruis-O-Matic is the ultimate human juke box, offering Nuggets style 60s tunes with a sparkling flourish of sequinned showmanship.

– Creative Loafing
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